Birds-of-a-Feather Networking Lunch 2016

12:00 pm - 1:15 pm,
Rockwell Cage, Main Court

If you have not selected one of the Lunch Breakout sessions, please join us for a Networking Lunch, on the Main Court of Rockwell. (Enter down the path between the Stratton Center and the Zesiger Fitness Center, see map.)

We will have working lunches set up at tables, with “Birds of a Feather” topics posted on signs. Feel free to sit at a table about a topic of interest. Many tables will be facilitated by an ‘expert’ (speaker, sponsor, organizer) who will help lead a lively and interesting discussion.

Be prepared to share business cards and get to know other Symposium attendees. It is a chance to network, talk shop and learn something new.

1 The Perfect CIO Leslie Owens
2 Finding insights in data… Holly St. Clair
3 Digital Transformation Jeff Kaplan
4 Digital Innovation Portfolio Nils Fonstad
5 Women in Tech Candice Benson
6 Digital Privacy and Security Sandy Pentland
7 IoT Peter Vanderminden
8 Block Chain Christian Catalini
9 Platform Strategies Marshall Van Alstyne
10 Delivering Customer Experience Jesal Sangani
11 The Future of Work John Charles
12 Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics Mike Romeri
13 Digitally Transform Services IoT Shriram Subramanian
14 Next Gen Web Experiences to Engage Customers Brian Howard
15 The Latest in Finance Technology Cristina Pop
16 Cyber Security-is the worst yet to come Stuart Madnick
17 Financial Services Vertical Rob Gurwitz
18 eLearning in the Digital Economy Eric Braun
19 Flight Testing in Cyberspace Noel Zamot
20 Redesigning the Digital Workspace Kristine Dery
21 Proprietary or Open Data Standards? David Saul
22 Customer Data Privacy and Big Data Shuman Ghosemajumder
23 Privacy Through Security Eugene Shablygin
24 The FBI vs Apple – Is it Just About Security? Shahid Shah
25 Healthcare Vertical Brigham Hyde
26 Getting Value from the Internet of Things Gordon Haff
27 Managing a Digital Innovation Portfolio Derek Roos
28 The role of CIO’s in Talent Acquisition Colin Moor
29 IoT: Wearable Devices Dan Smith
30 Digital Ecosystems Chokdee Rutirasiri
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