Cashing in on Your Data

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm,
Kresge Little Theater

Barbara Haley Wixom, MIT Sloan Center for Information Systems Research (@BarbWixom)

Jessica Donohue, State Street Global Exchange (#JessicaDonohueSSGX)
Steve Emmerich, ACI Worldwide (#SteveEmmerich)
Colin Mahony, HP (@cpmahony)
Don Stoller, Healthcare IQ (#DonStoller)

In a digital economy, data (and the information it produces) is one of a company’s most important assets—an asset companies are increasingly turning into a revenue stream. What types of data, whether generated from existing products and services or created from digitization, best lend themselves to monetization? We will explore the opportunities and challenges companies face when implementing data monetization strategies. We will also discuss the capabilities and skills needed for successful monetization.

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