Inventing Continuity of Care

12:15 pm - 1:30 pm,
Twenty Chimneys - 3rd floor, Stratton

Bill Fox, MarkLogic (#BillFox)

James D. Murray, CVS Caremark Minute Clinic (#JamesMurray)
Sumit Nagpal, Lumira (@sumitknagpal)
Richard Singerman, SB ‘87, TrustNetMD (@richsingerman)
Andrew H. Watt, MD, Southern New Hampshire Health System (#AndrewWatt)

This breakout panel has limited seating capacity. A ticket is needed to attend, Please reserve one by indicating your lunch preference on EventBrite, and pick up your ticket at check-in. At 12:30, any open seats will be released on a first-come, first-serve basis.
The healthcare industry is in the middle of a socio-technological transformation. Today’s “Continuity of Care” models are based on optimizing clinical and revenue processes in order to improve population health and quality of patient care across the “clinical care-touch” points. In reality, there is not much continuity of care. It breaks down quickly when the patient leaves the care setting.

Most care/wellness touch-points are outside the clinical care setting and are in the hands of patients—and are often dictated by socio-economic factors. Emerging mobile devices, wearables/sensors, clouds, and socio-cognitive analytics can play a crucial role by bridging clinical and non-clinical environments in order to provide a true continuity of care. In this session, the panelists will discuss how their organizations are going through such historic transformational change and how they are envisioning their data-driven true continuity-of-care delivery system.

  • What key issues are we facing in delivering continuity of care?
  • When/where can emerging data/cloud/mobile technological innovations help deliver complete continuity of care in the future?
  • What are legal/ethical/privacy issues associated with data-driven continuity of care?