The Future (and Potential) of Large-Scale Digital Experiments

3:00 pm - 4:00 pm,
Mezzanine Lounge - 3rd floor, Stratton

Prof. Sinan Aral, PhD ‘07, MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (@sinanaral)

Prof. Karim Lakhani, SM ‘99, PhD ‘06, Harvard Business School (@klakhani)
David Rose, Ditto Labs (@davidrose)
Narinder Singh, Appirio (@singhns)

We are on the brink of a revolution in our understanding of human behavior, in part driven by a newfound ability to design and analyze complex social experiments at population scale. But digital experimentation is much more than just technology and analytics—it creates a powerful tool that helps us understand how to create influence over changing behavior on a broad scale through peer-to-peer interaction and communication. This session will focus on the mechanics and ethics of cheap, rapid, digital experimentation at scale, the implications for managers as well as workers, the benefits as well as the costs, and how organizations may use experimentation to understand the implications of different business strategies and public policies.