Sudhir Desai

Symposium Roles
CIO Award Judge 2016
CIO Award Team Member 2016, 2015 (Co-chair)

Sudhir Desai conceives, designs and leads Strategic Innovation initiatives and helps Change Agents elevate their game. He advises startups and mature enterprises on identifying viable white spaces for emerging opportunities and designs innovative pathways to positive, distinctive and enduring impact and growth.

His expertise in strategic foresight, innovation, design thinking, systems design and technology lead to positive, distinctive and enduring impact. In a career spanning over 30 years, Sudhir has led businesses, global innovation initiatives, consulted and designed systems of varying complexity in multi-national environments. He has led and managed Fortune-100 Global Professional Services businesses, established Management Consulting, Systems Integration, Educational Services, and Knowledge Management practices.

Beneficiaries of his work have included for- and non-profit enterprises, cities, and public sector entities at the local and national levels. Sudhir has helped established and emerging enterprises (startups) develop business strategies, launch new value streams, design offerings, re-engineer business processes and develop capabilities. He has also designed and developed control and automation systems for automated manufacturing, real-time control, and business process automation in various industries. He now focuses on challenges in Systems Innovation, Design (Business, Service, Process and Enterprise), the application of Technology, and associated capability development.

Sudhir holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering, a MBA from the University of Texas, and a MS in Studies of the Future from the University of Houston, Clear Lake. He regularly helps social and non-profit organizations with strategic challenges as a volunteer, and has served as a co-chair of the Awards Team for the MIT CIO Symposium from 2013-2015.