Steve Emmerich

Chief Architect

ACI Worldwide

Symposium Roles
Speaker/Panelist 2015
Panels Participated in
Cashing in on Your Data (2015)

At ACI Worldwide, Steve is responsible for overseeing payments solution architecture including research and advanced development programs, product portfolio architecture evolution, and acquisition evaluation as a member of the company’s Chief Architecture Office. Steve’s technical specialties include business practices and technologies underlying modern data-driven businesses (e.g. distributed databases, complex event processing, data science techniques).

Having started his career developing parallelizing operating systems and compilers for supercomputers, Steve then founded and ran for 12 years a firm specializing in delivering data-driven real-time decision-support solutions for the financial services and pharmaceutical industries, building solutions for payment and investment fraud detection, digital marketing, and medical device validation.

Having sold Parallogic, Steve was Chief Architect of two data-driven platform companies, one providing sales optimization for manufacturers selling through distribution, the second performing complex sales force incentive analytics and optimization. Most recently prior to ACI Worldwide, Steve was VP Technology at Epsilon, responsible for digital marketing technology in its pharmaceutical services market segment.

At ACI, Steve has been instrumental in optimizing ACI’s data-driven payment fraud detection business. Steve brings 35+ years of perspective to questions surrounding the use of data for business benefit.

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