Marco Orellana


Codelco, Chile

Symposium Roles
CIO Award Judge 2012
CIO Award Winner 2011

Marco Antonio Orellana Silva serves as Executive Manager of Information, Communication & Automation Technology (IC&A) at CODELCO-Chile, the world’s largest copper producer. He is also a member of board of MICOMO, a technology joint venture between CODELCO and NTT, established in 2006 to adapt and introduce advanced IC&A applications in both CODELCO and the mining industry.

One of his accomplishments at CODELCO was the creation and implementation of DIGITAL CODELCO, a new IC&A-based vision for the mining industry, which features high levels of automation. He shared his vision and ideas for frontier topics for DIGITAL CODELCO with other IC&A industry leaders worldwide, winning wide support. For this work he gained recognition as “Manager if the Year” in 2007 from Chile by Center for the Study of Information Technology (CETIUC) at Pontifical Catholic University of Chile and “CIO of the Year” in 2010 from the Chilean technology community.

He received the Information Processing Engineering degree from the University of Chile, later obtaining a diploma in Information Management from the University of Santiago.