Balaji Purushothaman

Symposium Roles
International Team Member 2016

Balaji Purushothaman is an Assistant Vice President and Principal Enterprise Architect at FM Global. He is a 20-years experienced technologist, focused on providing thought leadership, technical consulting, problem solving, best practices and architecture guidance to various Financial Services, E-commerce, Government, Shipping and Manufacturing Companies.  He has lived, studied and worked in India, Far East Asia and the USA. These international experiences have contributed to his high degree of adaptability and open-mindedness. He has experienced a variety of corporate and national cultures from small start-up to the multinational corporation. In addition, he has been on the board of or an advisor to several non-profits, start-ups in the US and in India. Balaji received Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University, India in 1995.